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These are unprecedented times and we face challenges both individually and as a Church congregation.


We need to manage the Church’s finances in these very strange times. In common with other charities and organisations our income is reduced by forty percent. We are taking every possible measure to manage our costs but we also need to look at new ways to reverse some of the fall in our income – you can help.


As a regular or occasional giver to the work of the Church please consider making your contribution by cheque (to the Treasurer) or by a direct transfer to the Church’s bank (see details below); if you are able, this can be done at such regular intervals as suit you – e.g. fortnightly or monthly.


If you do not already do so and are a UK taxpayer, may I also ask you to consider adding to the value of your offerings to sign up to gift aid – a form for this purpose is available from the Session Clerk or the Treasurer or can be downloaded in the undernoted section. 

Also, donating online has never been easier, whether you are a church member who wants to give your regular offering to our own congregation or a friend to the Church who is moved to contribute for the good of your community.

At you may choose to give a one-off donation or donate every month. You can opt to direct your gift to a specific congregation or contribute to the general funds of the Church for use wherever the need is greatest.


Step 1 - If you choose to donate to our congregation, type in Perth St Leonards-in-the-fields


Step 2 - A UK taxpayer gift can be increased by 25% at no additional cost by agreeing to Gift Aid the donation. At this step in the online donation, indicate if you would like to do so, or qualify to, Gift Aid your donation.


Step 3 - The Donate button will take you to PayPal's secure website where you will be asked to fill in the amount you wish to donate, as well as your payment details. You have the option at this point of paying by debit or credit card if you’d rather not use PayPal. After donating, you will then be brought back to the Church of Scotland website.


St Leonard's in the Fields : Scottish Charity No. SC002919

However, you donate, thank you for your contribution.


Best wishes,


Beryl Smeaton  -  Session Clerk

David Grant  -  Treasurer



Clydesdale Bank plc: sort code 82 67 09

Account number 00540338


Gift Aid is a government scheme which allows a congregation, as a registered charity, to claim 25p from HMRC every time an individual donates £1. The donor must have made a Gift Aid declaration giving the congregation permission to claim on their offerings and donations.

The donor must be a UK tax payer and have paid as much or more income tax and/or capital gains tax in the tax year than will be reclaimed through Gift Aid on their donations. Whilst the responsibility for this lies with the donor, not the congregation, it is good to periodically remind those who have signed a Gift Aid declaration to check that they are still paying enough tax.

See above for how you can donate online or go to the Church of Scotland website at:

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